Monday, 31 July 2017

General: How to contact me

When I first started writing my blog in September 2010 only my friends read it. They were curious to see what I had to say. I had less than 200 pageviews per month. (I often say readers instead of pageviews, but that's technically not correct, because a single reader might visit 10 pages and be counted 10 times). It remained that way for six months. I wasn't discouraged, I kept on writing regularly. Then there was a sudden surge in my pageviews, probably because I'd written enough for Google's search engine to list my posts in prominent positions. Over the next few years my pageviews steadily grew, and I now have over 30,000 pageviews a month. Most of my readers are people I have never met and will never ever meet.

Maybe someone is reading my blog who wants to get in touch with me. It might be someone who remembers me from Queen Mary's Grammar School or Aston University. It might be an old neighbour from Westbourne Street in Walsall. It might even be a relative who's lost contact with me. Maybe it's someone who lives in Stuttgart (where I am now) and would like to meet me for a drink.

No problem. If anyone wants to send me a personal message, use the comment box which is shown after every post. The comments on my blog are moderated, primarily to avoid spam, so I read every comment before I make it public. If you write that your comment is intended as a private message, I won't publish it. I'll be the only person who reads what you've written, that's a promise. I shall never publish any comment that includes a phone number or an email address.

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