Monday, 17 July 2017

Evita (5 Stars)

Some films are so good that they're worth watching many times. Sometimes I think that I should give up watching new films and only spend time re-watching my old favourites. I most commonly think this after watching a few disappointing films in a row.

"Evita" is a film worth watching again and again. I forget how often I've seen it. I know I've watched it three times since I started my blog in September 2010, but I can't remember how often I watched it before then. I wish I'd started my blog sooner. Summer 2003 would have been a good opportunity, when I bought my first DVD player. From what I've read, Blogger (Blogspot) was first available in 1999, owned by Pyra Labs. Google bought Pyra in 2003 and began to update the service. Since 2006 it's looked like it does now, although I can't compare it because I have no idea what it looked like before then.

As I've mentioned before, "Evita" only missed being included in my "30 films to watch before you die" by an Argentinian's whiskers. If the list had included 31 films it would have been included. Let's hope that it will make it into my 50 favourite films list, which I intend to publish next year. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. It faces tough competition from at least 20 foreign films which weren't eligible for my first list.

Before watching the film today I read Wikipedia's pages about Eva Peron and her husband Juan. This convinced me that the film is an accurate depiction of her life. It's not a detailed depiction. Often events are only referenced in a single line of song or in a fleeting picture, but whatever is shown is correct. I have to praise the lyricist Time Rice and the director Alan Parker for their attention to detail. The film is a masterpiece on so many different levels.

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