Sunday, 10 September 2017

47 Meters Down (2½ Stars)

This is the 16th film in the Stuttgart Fantasy Film Festival.

Kate and Lisa are two sisters on holiday in Mexico. They decide to go on a special outing. For $100 each they're lowered in a cage five meters below the sea, where they can watch sharks swimming around them. Didn't those silly girls ever watch "Jaws"? They soon realise their mistake when the sharks swim too close for comfort, and they beg to be pulled back to the surface. Unfortunately the winch breaks and the cage falls to the sea bed, 47 meters deep.

Despite occasional suspense, this is a weak film. So many things seem unfeasible, especially the way the inexperienced girls are encouraged to go beneath water. The script is also weak. I lost count of how many times the bends were explained to the girls, but it was often enough to be annoying.

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