Sunday, 17 September 2017

The Vault (4 Stars)

This is the 50th film in the Stuttgart Fantasy Film Festival.

I wonder if a film like this has ever been made before. A gang robs a haunted bank. They quickly overpower the staff and the customers, but when they open the vault in the cellar they're attacked by ghosts.

The bank robbery has been efficiently planned, and nothing should have gone wrong. A warehouse opposite the bank is set on fire. The gang members enter the bank disguised as firemen who want to check the fire hasn't spread. They even ask the security guard to lock the door to prevent anyone else entering while they investigate. That's a brilliant plan that would probably have worked, if it hadn't been for the supernatural intervention.

"The Vault" is a well made film. It's not just a robbery and a ghost story, it's also a psychological thriller. The bank's employees and customers keep their cool, relatively speaking, but the gang members crack under the stress and turn on one another.

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