Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Radius (2 Stars)

This is the 26th film in the Stuttgart Fantasy Film Festival.

A man climbs out of an upturned car after an accident. He's lost his memory and doesn't even know his own name. He watches people and animals die around him. At first he's afraid that it's an airborne virus and he's also in danger, but them he realises that he's the cause of the deaths; everyone and everything that enters a radius of ten meters around him dies.

A few days later he meets a woman who has also lost her memory. Unlike everyone else, she doesn't die when she's close to him. In fact, when she's within his radius nobody dies; she negates his deadly power.

The film is well crafted, with good acting, cinematography and music. It's well paced and full of suspense. However, the story is just too ridiculous to take seriously. Yes, there's an explanation for the man's deadly power, but the explanation is so silly that I wish it had been left a mystery. Then there's a stupid sub-plot about the woman having an identical twin sister. Finally there's a totally unnecessary plot twist. If the twist hadn't happened it wouldn't have changed the film's ending in the slightest.

Who writes silly scripts like this? I could have done better. A lot better.

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