Friday, 10 March 2017

Horrible Bosses 2 (1 Star)

The first film was mildly amusing. "Horrible Bosses 2" has almost nothing in its favour. The only scene I enjoyed was seeing Shelby Chesnes jogging on the bridge, which lasted less than ten seconds. If the film had been 90 minutes of her jogging and working out I could have given the film a much better rating.

The film's title is false advertising. Nick, Kurt and Dale are no longer workers suffering under bad bosses. Between them they've invented a new shower head -- huh? -- and they want to make a fortune marketing it. An entrepreneur, played by Christoph Waltz, offers to invest in their startup company, but he screws them over and leaves them bankrupt. What do they expect? Christoph Waltz is always the smooth talking bad guy. To get revenge, and more importantly to get their money back, they kidnap his son and hold him for ransom.

The whole film turns into an unfunny comedy caper about a trio of incompetent criminals attempting to do something that is way over their heads. Jennifer Aniston returns from the first film, but as a seductress she isn't sexy, she just looks stupid.

I feel like I've just wasted 90 minutes of my life. Apart from Shelby Chesnes jogging, of course. I wonder if she's done any fitness videos.

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