Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sucker Punch (3½ Stars)

There's something about this film. The promotional photos, like the one above, all look very sexy and titillating, but when you watch the film itself its very unerotic.

I've watched it twice before and only given it 3 stars. Today I watched the extended version for the first time and have decided to give it an extra half star.

The film has so much promise, but it fails to reach its potential. It's a clever film that runs on three levels of reality. Normally I like films like that. Something is missing, I'm not sure what. The missing character development is a large part of the problem, but that's not all.

Maybe we can find an answer if we look at Zack Snyder's other films. Over the last few years he's become the main director of the DC films. He specialises is films with lots of action and very little story. In "Sucker Punch" there's more of a story than in his DC films, but the over-the-top action scenes are so unnecessary that they can be deemed gratuitous.

If only Emily Browning could have cracked one smile in the film I would have been happier. One little smile would have made all the difference. I'm not saying she was the wrong actresss for the role. Her little girl look suited the film well. She played her part the way she was told to by the director, but it was wrong. She should have put more heart and emotion into the role. She was the right actress, but the film had the wrong director.

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