Friday, 13 September 2013

General: Blog Maintenance

As most of my regular readers know, I'm a perfectionist. That's a positive way of describing me, at least. Other words to describe me could be "pedantic" or "anal". What I mean in this case is that I want my blog to look just right. Okay, some of my older posts are formatted sloppily, but I can just about stomach them. It took me about three months to find my style. But what I can't stomach is broken links. Yesterday I stumbled on a couple of missing images. In both cases I'd linked to pictures on Amazon's website that no longer existed. Ouch! I thought that Amazon's pictures would stay in place forever, but it looks like they're deleted when an item is no longer on sale. I replaced those images. I've also replaced all the other Amazon images that I've used with my own copies. I'm hoping things will be better now.

A bigger problem is the embedded links to YouTube videos that I've occasionally used. I've already had one case where a link was broken and had to remove it. I don't want to host my own videos, just text and pictures. I've tried to avoid it by only linking to big YouTube accounts, not videos uploaded by private users. There may still be problems though. If any readers discover a broken link, to YouTube or anywhere else, please leave me a comment and I'll fix it. I promise.

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  1. Thanks to my friend who pointed out that the YouTube link in "Flowers of War" was broken. I could have replaced it with a different trailer, but I decided to play it safe and removed it altogether.


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