Friday, 27 September 2013

Strippers From Another World (4 Stars)

The title of this film is deceptive. It has nothing to do with an alien invasion.

Marge and Anita are two nerdy college girls who want to pledge to the exclusive campus sorority house, Gamma Phi. To prove themselves worthy they have to get a job as strippers. Unfortunately they don't have what it takes. As they're wailing about their failure they're abducted by an alien spaceship. The alien transforms them into sexy women, then sends them back to Earth. With their new appearance and attitude they can get whatever they want. I always knew that visitors from space mean well. Maybe they'll abduct me and improve my looks as well.

This is the first film directed by Dean McKendrick. I know nothing about him, except that he's worked as the film editor for Fred Olen Ray for the last 10 years. Congratulations on a fine piece of work!

Ted Newsom is an awesome teacher.
All the girls love him.

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