Monday, 23 September 2013

TV Series: Dexter

Newspaper snapshot from Dexter Season 7 Episode 5. Sloppy. Click here to enlarge.


  1. I just finished watching the finale of Dexter and I am so disappointed and pissed off about the ending I feel robbed. I began watching Dexter at the beginning of this year and quickly devoured all the past seasons before the premiere of the final episodes in June. I also began watching Breaking Bad while waiting on the new episodes of Dexter and feel like this may have ruined the end of Dexter for me. Breaking Bad has only the finale episode left to air next week and has already proven that it is going to be a way more satisfying ending than the one given to us by the Dexter writers. Vince Gilligan has in my opinion blown Dexter out of the water. For those of you who have seen the finale of Dexter you will surely get a giggle out of that comment.

    1. The eighth season of "Dexter" hasn't been shown in England yet. All I can say after seeing the first seven seasons is that, in my opinion, the seventh season is the weakest. I doubt I'll see the eighth season until next summer. I'll let you know what I think then.

      Getting back to the newspaper snapshot, I always pause the film or tv programme whenever a newspaper or computer screen is shown. It's amazing how often the picture is faulty. In most cases a headline is superimposed onto a page, and if you read the article it has nothing to do with the headline. They assume that nobody will notice the small print. In the Dexter example above, I only noticed the obvious mistake first. When I read it more carefully I spotted the other errors.


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