Friday, 6 September 2013

General: More Boring Statistics

Fred Olen Ray showing off his chest

I mentioned in a recent post that my favorite directors are Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch and Sion Sono. In that order. Yesterday I decided to check my DVD collection to see which directors I have the most films of. And the results are:
  1. Fred Olen Ray (40)
  2. Axel Braun (31)
  3. Alfred Hitchcock (29)
  4. Jim Wynorski (22)
  5. Russ Meyer (19)
It's interesting to see that none of my three favorites have made it into the list. Quality instead of quantity? Not really, because the other five directors make great films as well. The top four are all prolific directors. According to IMDB, Fred Olen Ray has directed 128 films so far. I only have nine films by Sion Sono so far, but he makes a lot of films, so I expect him to push his way into my top five eventually.

Fred Olen Ray and Uggie
Nobody will push Fred off the top spot as long as he keeps making great films. Jim Wynorski would be in second place, except a lot of his films have never been released on DVD.

Most people find statistics boring. Not me. I find it fascinating that Madonna wore 85 different costumes in "Evita" and that the word "nigger" was used 113 times in "Django Unchained". If anyone else shares my passion for statistics, go count your DVDs and tell me who your top five directors are, based on the number of films in your collection. If I don't get any replies I'll know that I'm alone in the world, I'm the only one who doesn't hate statistics.

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