Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Architect (2 Stars)

Leo Waters has been working as an architect for 20 years. At the beginning of his career he designed a group of buildings that he called Eden Court. Low price mass housing. He was proud of his achievement, so he doesn't understand why the residents are now campaigning to have it ripped down. The problem is that the attractive circular structure and the good visibility across the centre have made it ideal for gangs to develop. In all the years he's kept a model of the court as a trophy, but he's never been back to see what it has become. He lives with his family in a beautiful little house which he also designed. His own family is just as unhappy as the families in Eden Court. His architecture has caused unhappiness for the residents of Eden Court, whereas his personality has caused unhappiness for his own family.

This is a film which I don't quite understand. Of course, I understand what's happening. I understand the conversations, the arguments, and the moral dilemmas of the characters involved. What I don't understand is the message that the director wants to give with the film. The film is based on a successful play by the Scottish playwright David Greig. In listening to the interviews on the DVD it became apparent that one important plot line, Leo's relationship with his daughter, has been omitted from the film apart from small hints. Including it might have improved the film's intelligibility. But as it stands, the film is weak.

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