Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Komodo vs Cobra (4 Stars)

This is yet another Monster vs Monster extravaganza directed by Jim Wynorski under the watchful eye of executive producer Roger Corman. The plot is pretty much the same as (for instance) "Dinocroc vs Supergator", but this is a much better structured film. Instead of random victims wandering around everywhere, there's a small group stranded on the Mysterious Island, in this case Isla Domas, looking for a way to escape the giant creatures.

A group of conservationists have travelled to a remote Hawaiian island to expose military animal testing. They take along a television reporter. And of course, there's the amoral mercenary, the man they hire a boat from. Once they arrive they found out that the poor defenceless animals they've gone to save aren't so defenceless after all.

This is a good film, full of action, and most importantly there are few enough characters for us to get to know them.

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