Friday, 13 September 2013

Zombie Hunter Rika (3 Stars)

There's something sexy about a schoolgirl with a sword. I think so, at least. Maybe it's best you don't tell my psychiatrist what I said.

This film is about a Japanese girl called Rika, aged about 16. One day she doesn't want to go to school and decides to visit her grandfather, a retired surgeon. Unfortunately the village where he lives has been overrun by zombies. Rika's arm is bitten by a zombie, but her grandfather saves her by cutting off her arm before the infection spreads. Luckily he happens to have a replacement arm lying in his living room, all that remains of a famous zombie hunter. He grafts the arm onto Rika, which imparts her with the sword and martial arts skills of the dead zombie hunter. With these new abilities she sets out to save the world, and she looks cute while she does it. Ah, Japan is such a beautiful country.....

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