Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Woods (3 Stars)

When I heard about this film a few things attracted me to it, despite the poor reviews.
  • Girls in school uniforms
  • Bruce Campbell
  • Schoolgirls with axes

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: 
  • Girls in school uniforms with axes.

So if the film has so much going for it, what's wrong? Just about everything. As a horror film, it isn't very terrifying. Not for most of the film anyway, it picks up in the last 15 minutes. The plot about a girl with special abilities being used to free ancient witches from the woods is incomprehensible. Or was the girl supposed to free the victims of the ancient witches? I don't know. That's how incomprehensible it is.

The film is set in 1965, so the school uniforms aren't particularly sexy. As for Bruce Campbell, if you blink you'll miss him.

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