Friday, 27 September 2013

The Big Bust Theory (4½ Stars)

Despite the name of the film, this isn't a parody of "The Big Bang Theory". The film's story is closer to "Weird Science".

Two nerdy scientists, Stanley (Alexandre Boisvert) and Walter (Eric Masterson), are jealous of their room mate Chad (Tony Marino) because of his success with women. Stanley doesn't notice that his colleague Betty (Christine Nguyen) is in love with him. How can such an intelligent man be so stupid? The two nerds have a solution though. They build a female robot (Jazy Berlin) who will fulfil their every need. The plan backfires when Betty is jealous and reprograms the robot to be a lesbian.

In the past I've criticised Alexandre Boisvert's acting abilities. He seems to be improving as time goes by. Eric Masterson is perfect, of course, as is Christine Nguyen. Tony Marino is the film's weak link. Chad is a shallow person, which makes Tony's wooden acting appropriate, but nothing excuses the way he looks so bored during the sex scenes.

This is Dean McKendrick's second film, and it's so good that it makes me want to see more.

How can anyone not notice Christine?
Walter and Stanley's robot -- every home should have one


  1. this is the best film you watched this week?

    1. Yes. Longer, actually. The last 5-star rating I gave was for "20 Million Miles to Earth" on September 14th, so it's the best film I've watched for two weeks. Why do you ask?

    2. Thanks a lot for your comment, Anne. It's one word longer than what most people write. But would you like to add anything to it?

    3. you sure watch a lot of junk


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