Sunday, 15 September 2013

TV Series: Tanya X

Beverly Lynne has played the role of Tanya X in three films: "The Girl from BIKINI", "Bikini Royale" and "Bikini Royale 2", all directed by Fred Olen Ray. It's only natural that she should be given her own television series. I didn't realise until I read the credits that Fred doesn't direct the series, he's passed the baton to Dean McKendrick.

The series follows Tanya as she goes on a mission to find out who is using a sex shop to distribute millions of dollars of fake currency. With each episode there are shocks and surprises. Nobody is who he seems to be. The series, like the films, is a James Bond spoof, but it has more naked breasts. Eight of the episodes include music by The Erotics, a band I hadn't heard of before, but they totally rock!

Isn't Christine Nguyen beautiful?

Let's be honest. Beverly Lynne is no world class actress. It's the supporting cast who carry the show, namely Evan 1000-Films Stone, the delightfully beautiful Christine Nguyen and the incredibly talented Eric Masterson. I really must go back and add Christine to my World's Most Beautiful Actresses list. Eric has Hollywood written all over him, he has the talent to make him a star.

Tanya always gets her man...

or men and woman...

and still has time to play with Christine!

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